Total Body

Endosphères Therapy – la méthode à micro-vibrations compressives – est le traitement total body de dernière génération, qui peut être effectué sur l’ensemble du corps, des pieds jusqu’au cou, en passant par le front, l’abdomen, les fesses et les bras. C’est une méthode qui a fait ses preuves et qui est utilisée dans de nombreux domaines.

Application fields

• Aesthetic medicine (for all forms of cellulite as basic treatment, relaxation of tissues (body and face), post-liposuction indentations, prevention of aging (body and face), treatment of scars, localised adiposities, slimming treatments, pre- and post-liposuction surgery treatment, pre- and post-botox treatment);

• Sports medicine (shoulders-neck syndrome, sports massage, plantar stimulation, athlete preparation, reduction of lactic acid post competition, post-traumatic rehabilitation physiotherapy, muscle contractions);

Phlebolymphology (Lymphatic drainage, Venous-lymphatic insufficiency, Lipoedemas).

Studies and research

Universities and Medical Institutes have shown proven results:

  • in the treatment of pathologies of the lymphatic system
  • for sagging tissue
  • to combat cellulite
  • to fill in wrinkles
  • to firm up face and neck
  • to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin


  • it tightens and tones muscles and tissue
  • it fights and eliminates cellulite
  • it removes orange peel skin
  • it improves lymphatic and venous circulation and performs an important mechanical lymphatic drainage on the whole body
  • it reduces waist size and the circumference of thighs
  • it has a surprising rejuvenating effect on the face and neck

Compressive Microvibration ° Endosphères Therapy

5 Sinergic Actions to get rid of blemishes on Body and Face

Cellulite is the manifestation of changes that take place in the skin and subcutaneously. The peculiarity of Endosphères Therapy method and its 5 sinergic actions is the capability of acting on each of the following modifications by first restoring the physiological vascular and tissue conditions, and subsequently performing a localised remodelling on the skin blemishes.